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Authors: Francisco Cândido Xavier e Waldo Vieira
Spirit: André Luiz

Translator: Tânia Stevanin and Jussara Korngold

Portuguese Title: Desobsessão

pages: 167

Format: 14x21 (cm)

ISBN: 9788598161068


The faculty of mediumship, with its various manifestations, has been the dominant factor in proving the reality of afterlife and the transcendental nature of Universe. Through this faculty, a multitude of phenomena has been witnessed, demonstrating to the astonishment of many that intelligence is not merely a product of brain cells.

Among the several types of mediumship know today, psycography is the most often used within Spiritism, especially for the writing of books and messages.

André Luiz’s purpose in writing this book was to recruit new group of workers of goodness, whose intent is to aid in the readjustment of those no longer in the physical plane and who have become distanced from of reality.

There is nothing more appropriate and just because if ignorance needs the dedication of the teachers, and psychopathology awaits the abnegation of the doctors who use the techniques of balanced dialogue in the practice of psychoanalysis, and so it is that the mental alienation of the disincarnates demands the fraternal assistance of friendly hearts, with enough understanding and an abundance of love to aid in the Spiritist centers.

This volume is an important synthesis in the effort to aid those suffering from obsessive processes, through the work of collaborators of varied conditions. It is characterized by its absolute simplicity in the explanation of the subjects indispensable to the constitution and sustenance of Spiritist groups devoted to the liberation and healing task of disobsession.


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